Domhnall Murphy

Domhnall Murphy

Software Engineer

About Me

A software engineer based in Northern Ireland and, currently, lead developer at

With a background in Physics and Mathematics I enjoy simple and elegant solutions to complex problems. I enjoy being able to apply myself to logical problems in any domain, but my recent experience is predominantly in web development.

I have a propensity to focus on function over form, questions of UI and UX do not keep me awake at night.

I have a passing interest in most sport, with specific interest in Gaelic football. Whilst my participation in that sport has regrettably come to an end, I am still a great believer that physical exercise can provide an answer to most of life's problems.

Latest Projects

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CerealQuotes is a website offering a searchable repository of quotes from various sources. Users can sign up for free to share and curate their favourite quotes, as well as submit and report quotes.

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RenuPharm is an online marketplace facilitating the transaction of no-usage medications between Irish pharmacies.

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VectorLogic is a software and machine-learning consultancy and training provider.

Work Experience

Lead Developer - GoConqr (Aug 2011 - Present)

I am part of a great team trying to build the a world-leading platform for e-learning and exam preparation.

Over this period the product has grown from scratch to a global platform with over 10 million registered users.

Software Engineer - Fidessa PLC (Nov 2008 – Sept 2011)

Member of the Provisioning Team (Belfast), focussing on development of Web applications.

Graduate Analyst - Citi (Aug 2007 - Nov 2008)

IT analyst in a team providing an outsourced middle-office trade processing application.

PhD Researcher - School of Mathematics and Physics, QUB (Aug 2004 - Dec 2007)

Carrying out theoretical and computational research in the areas of quantum state engineering with cold atoms and diatomic molecules. Also carried out some casual teaching and demonstration work over this period.